Timeless; Accessible; Uncompromised

Established in 2023; Snug & Story is a poetic, high-grade loungewear brand created with a deep rooted devotion to be timeless and versatile; while meticulously paying attention to quality and detail.

Our brand tells a story through every collection that feels personal; inspired by the need to be at comfort and an unquenchable love of books. 

Snug & Story is for the high spirited woman who finds joy in savoring the simple pleasures of life. 



We source durable and high quality material to create our designs.


We aim to creat an effortlessly refined experience that kindles a feeling of tranquility and comfort.


We are dedicated to building ethical business practices; so our growth doesn’t come at the cost of the well being of our planet.


Designs at Snug & Story are mindfully created to be durable, versatile and timeless focusing on quality over quantity.